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New Students and Transfer Students

Academic Welcome of New Students, 2010

Welcome to Kogod!

Do I have to take the math placement exam?

Yes! Every student admitted to AU must take the math placement exam, even if the student plans to transfer math credits to AU. This exam will determine which level of math you can take. The math placement exam is given online and you will receive a link for the test once you have paid your deposit.

Which math classes do I need to take?

Applied Calculus (or Calculus I for Finance and Accounting majors) and Basic Statistics are both required for all business majors. Students who transfer both of these courses into AU must either complete and pass the Math Equivalency Exam or take a math course here at AU to satisfy the University Requirements for math. 

If a student transfers in Calculus I (not Applied Calculus) from an approved institution with a grade of a B or better, then the student will fulfill this requirement and will not need to take the Math Equivalency Exam. 

The Math Equivalency Exam is only available to take once at the beginning of the semester and no retakes or alternative exam dates are permitted. The date of the Math Equivalency Exam is published in the academic calendar. Sample exams are available upon request by contacting an academic advisor or the math department. Transfer students planning to transfer in both of these courses should contact an academic advisor for more information. 

Note: You must take the math placement exam, even if you have transferred in both math courses and plan to take the math equivalency exam. These are two separate exams that serve two separate purposes.

Do I need to take the Writing Proficiency Exam?

Only students who transferred in credit for both LIT-100 and LIT-101 are required to take the Writing Proficiency Exam to fulfill the University Requirements for writing. You must take the exam within the first semester at AU. If you plan to transfer in both writing courses, please contact your academic advisor and ask for the packet to help you prepare for this exam. Workshops and support services are also available through the Writing Center. Additional preparation material is available to pick-up in Battelle, Room 228. This exam may be taken up to 2 times. Students who fail the exam the second must take either LIT-100, LIT-101, LIT-102, or LIT-103 and must pass the course with a C or better.

Is attending orientation mandatory?

Yes. New students must attend orientation where they will meet with an academic advisors, make any schedule changes, and become familiar with campus. Click here to register for orientation. If you cannot attend the orientation, please contact a member of the Kogod Academic Advising Team.

How will my exam credits transfer in (AP, CLEP, A Levels, IB)?

To view which General Education requirements can be fulfilled by AP, A Levels, CLEP, or IB exam scores, please click here.

Note: Business students are required to take ECON-100 (4:1) and ECON-200(4:2) to fulfill Area 4 of the General Education requirements.

Therefore, any general education course other than ECON-100 or ECON-200 that has a 4:1 or 4:2 after it will count as a free elective.