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Energetic Alumni Board Member Fueled
by AU Experience

One thing that Margo Herron, SPA/BA ’85, KSB/MBA ’03, never learned at AU was how to slow down. A typical day for her may include a trip to the Department of Health and Human Services for her job as director of regulatory policy at Bristol-Myers Squibb...

Personal Attention Led Coast Guard Veteran to Choose Kogod

Though Matt Cunningham left the U.S. Coast Guard’s active duty in May 2008, he’s still a member of the Reserves and works for a retired Coast Guard officer. “I can’t get enough of the Coast Guard, basically,” he laughs.

Entrepreneurship Lessons Apply to Army Mission

Major Joseph Edwards (MBA ’07) chose the entrepreneurship concentration while completing his MBA at Kogod. “That might seem a little ironic for someone employed by one of the largest employers in the country,” he admits.