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Commencement 2013 | Undergraduate Student Profiles

Kelsey Beck

Kelsey Beck

Degree: BS in Accounting

Job Title: Audit and Enterprise Risk Service Professional, Deloitte & Touche, Washington, D.C.

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Campus Activities: 1955 Club, Alpha Kappa Psi

Internships: Northwestern Mutual, summer 2011, The Eagle, Accounts Management, fall 2011, Deloitte, summer 2012

Study Abroad: Turkey Koç University, spring 2012

Most Helpful Class: The business capstone, Business Policy and Strategy, was really helpful. We really focused on personal development and our sense of self. I really thought about what I wanted in life and what I was going to stand for as a person because that will determine what I stand for professionally.

What I'll Miss Most About Kogod: I'll miss the freedom of college the most. I love being able to take an afternoon after class and explore the city or take a hike.

Fun Fact: I coach a girls' lacrosse team for fourth graders. Not only do I love the activity, I really have to think about how to explain foreign concepts to people in a way they can understand, which I think will be helpful in the business world.

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