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BS in Business, Language & Culture Studies

The BS in Business, Language & Culture Studies (BLC) program at the Kogod School of Business is designed for students with a passion for business and a complementary enthusiasm for a foreign language. Students choose one of five language tracks (Arabic, French, German, Russian, or Spanish) when entering the program, complete the business core, and spend one semester abroad taking courses in their chosen language track.

Upon completion of this interdisciplinary program, students will be prepared to take the American Council on the Teaching of a Foreign Language (ACTFL) oral proficiency interview and qualify for a regional fluency certificate (i.e. French Chamber of Commerce Certificate). Students with a solid academic foundation in business and a strong proficiency in a foreign language will be highly competitive in the global marketplace.

Due to the language proficiency expectations in international business and the program, it is strongly recommended that students enter the program at the intermediate level of language study. 

Major Requirements

  • A total of 120 credit hours with a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or higher 

Students must ensure that no more than 66 of the 120 credit hour graduation requirement are taken within the Kogod School of Business.  

IBUS-200 and FIN-200 are considered business courses and may not count toward the non-business course requirement even if they are taken for General Education credit. 

Students must complete 45 of the last 60 credit hours on campus, with a minimum of 15 credit hours of upper-level courses.24 credit hours in the major language at the 300 level or above. 

At least 6 credits taken at AU or abroad must be business topics in the foreign language, all business courses in a language must be taken at an AACSB institution or Kogod approved institution. Students may take Kogod School of Business courses in Arabic, French, German, Russian or Spanish depending on the declared track.

At least 12 credits must be taken abroad in the foreign language. 

  • Students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 to be eligible to enroll in business or language courses. 
  • At least 50 percent of the business credit hours required for the BLC must be earned at American University. 
  • Study Abroad Requirement: Every BLC student must study abroad and take a minimum of 12 credits in their language track. Students should consult the AU Abroad website and work closely with their advisor to identify suitable options and timelines for their abroad experience. 

Degree Requirements

Students are responsible for fulfilling university and school requirements following a prescribed sequence. Students work closely with their academic advisor in Kogod and their faculty advisor in the Department of Language and Foreign Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences to ensure appropriate course sequencing. However, it is the student's responsibility to consult course descriptions to identify course prerequisites and when courses are offered. 

Students are required to complete the following in order to graduate: (* signifies that students must take the courses A-F and earn a C or better, includes General Education courses beginning in Fall 2014)

6 credits of College Writing* (6 credits)

8 credits of math*:

  • Applied Calculus (Math-211 or Math-221)
  • Basic Statistics (Stat-202)

General Education Credits* (31 credit hours)

Business Core Courses* (36 credit hours)

  • ACCT-240 Principles of Financial Accounting (3) 
  • ACCT-241 Principles of Managerial Accounting (AT) (3) 
  • FIN-365 Business Finance (AT) (3) 
  • IBUS-300 Fundamentals of International Business (C/W) (3) 
  • ITEC-200 The Edge of Information Technology  (AT) (3) 
  • ITEC-355 Production/Operations Management (AT©) (3) 
  • KSB-100 Business 1.0 (3) (students not taking KSB-100 in their freshman year take a 300- or 400-level course in its place) 
  • MGMT-201 Global Corporate Citizenship (O) (3) 
  • MGMT-353 Principles of Organizational Theory,     Behavior and Management (T) (3) 
  • MGMT-458 Business Policy and Strategy (C/O/T/W) (3) 
  • MKTG-300 Principles of Marketing (W) (3)
  • An approved business law course (3)

AT = analytical tool emphasis; provides a strong foundation in business analytical software 

C = case analysis emphasis;  provides growth opportunities for students to evaluate cases 

O = oral communication emphasis; assists in the development of oral presentation skills 

T = teamwork emphasis; focuses on teamwork and the importance of interpersonal relationships and communication 

W = written communication emphasis; develops business writing skills, written assignments  account for a significant part of the course grade 

Language Core Requirements* (32 credit hours)

  • 24 credit hours in the major language (Arabic, French, German, Russian, or Spanish) at the 300 level or above 
  • At least 6 credits taken at AU or abroad must be business topics in the foreign language (all business courses in a language must be taken at an AACSB institution or Kogod approved institution). 
  • At least 12 credits must be taken abroad in the foreign language

Kogod Standout

Rachel Lincoln, BLC ’11, launched her own photography enterprise and has had her work featured in several area restaurants.

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