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Minor in Business and Entertainment

The minor in business and entertainment provides non-business students seeking careers in the entertainment industry with an introduction to the business aspects of entertainment. After completing the coursework for this minor, students will have the basic knowledge of financial, marketing, and legal concepts that are key to understanding this complex industry.

Minor Requirements

  • 18 credit hours with a grade of C or better. At least 12 credits must be unique to the minor.

Course Requirements

  • FIN-230 Basic Concepts in Finance and Accounting (3)
  • MKTG-250 Marketing for Communications (3) or MKTG-300 Principles of Marketing (3)
  • MGMT-301 The Entertainment Industry: Structure and Business Models (3)
  • MGMT-302 Entertainment Law (3)

Note: MKTG-300 has a prerequisite.

Plus 6 credits from the following:*

  • ACCT-244 Introduction to Business Law (3)
  • ITEC-335 Social Networking, Social Media, and Web 2.0 (3)
  • MGMT-303 Representing Talent (3)
  • MGMT-304 Protecting the Creative Class in the Face of Technological Innovation (3)
  • MGMT-305 Music Publishing and Copyright (3)
  • MGMT-382 Entrepreneurship and Innovation (3)
  • MGMT-465 Negotiations (3)
  • MKTG-541 Sports Marketing (3)

*With approval of the BS in Business and Entertainment program director, other courses relevant for the minor may be substituted for those listed above.