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Kogod School of Business

Students Entering Prior August 2013

Every BSBA student is required to complete the following in order to graduate: (* signifies that a students must take the course A-F and earn a C or better)

  • 6 credits of College Writing*

  • 8 credits of math:

    • Applied Calculus* (Math-211 or Math-221)

    • Basic Statistics* (Stat-202)

  • 31 General Education Credits

    • Curricular Area 4 should be fulfilled by Macroeconomics* (ECON-100) and Microeconomics* (ECON-200)

    • IBUS-200 is for non-business majors only and may not be taken for General Education credit

    • FIN-200 may not be taken for General Education credit; however, it may be taken for Free Elective credit as long as it is not used as a Non-Business Elective

  • 6 credits in a foreign language, an approved international or cross-cultural course, or courses taken abroad

  • 24 credits of free electives

  • 33 credits of Business Core Courses*

    • KSB-100 Business 1.0 (3 credits) (students not taking KSB-100 in their freshman year take a 300- or 400-level business course in its place)

    • MGMT-201 Global Corporate Citizenship (O) (3 credits) (sophomore)

    • ACCT-240 Principles of Financial Accounting (3 credits) (sophomore)

    • ACCT-241 Principles of Managerial Accounting (AT) (3 credits) (sophomore)

    • ITEC-200 The Edge of Information Technology (AT) (3 credits) (sophomore)

    • FIN-365 Business Finance (O) (3 credits) (junior/senior)

    • IBUS-300 Fundamentals of International Business (O) (3 credits) (junior/senior)

    • ITEC-355 Production/Operations Management (AT) (3) (junior/senior)

    • MGMT-353 Principles of Organizational Theory, Behavior and Management (T) (3 credits) (junior/senior)

    • MKTG-300 Principles of Marketing (W) (3 credits) (junior/senior)

    • MGMT-458 Business Policy and Strategy (C/O/T/W) (3 credits) (last semester of college)

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