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Three-Year Scholars Programs | Policies & Procedures



Megan K. Lintott, M.S.Ed.
Manager of Special Undergraduate Programs
(202) 885-6280

Withdraw Form

Procedure for Withdrawing from a Three-Year Program

A student who no longer wishes to continue with a three-year program should formally request to be withdrawn from the program by March 31st of their first year in order to avoid any complications with their financial aid. Note: students may decide to leave the program after March 31st of their first year, however, their financial aid package may be affected.

The decision to leave a program is one that must be considered carefully. Students are encouraged to consult their academic advisor and faculty director(s) before making a final decision.

If the student does intend to leave the program, the student should complete and sign the withdraw form. The Manager of Special Undergraduate Programs will inform the Office of Financial Aid and the Registrar's Office so that their financial aid package can be changed to a four-year structure, and the three-year program designation can be removed from the student's transcript.

Policies & Procedures