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Harrison, Amanda
Manager, Honors and Scholars Programs

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What is AU Scholars?

The AU Scholars Program is a selective, two-year living-learning community that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving through transformative research experiences and other scholarly activities.

How do we define "Research?"

AU Scholars defines "Research" as: Driven by curiosity and rooted in the work of those who came before, research is the systematic pursuit of new knowledge, building an understanding of our world and contributing to human creativity.

Why do research through AU Scholars?

"I found the way the program connects you with resources at AU that work in research was the most valuable. I liked being able to talk with the research librarian about the best way to go about the project and knowing that I could contact her with any questions. The teamwork aspect of the program was also useful -- coordinating with my classmates to make sure the presentation went smoothly and making sure we were all on the same page with content will be useful for future group presentations." --2015 AU Scholars student 

"I really enjoyed pushing my academic boundaries in fields I'd never really even considered before coming to college." --2015 AU Scholars student 

"I found my newfound relationships with faculty and fellow students to be the most valuable aspect of this program. I became very close with many of my fellow AU Scholars and with my professors throughout this year, and I now feel like I have good contacts at this school that can help me through the rest of my academic career and into the future." --2015 AU Scholars student 

"The most valuable aspect for me was the opportunity to do research at a high level." --2014 AU Scholars student