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AU Scholars | Power, Justice, and Health: Community-Based Participatory Research Models

Spring 2015

How does power and justice relate to health? What is the role of social, cultural, religious, political, and economic factors in health? How can a community-based participatory research approach be leveraged to reduce social and health inequities? This course provides students with the exciting opportunity to be trained and conduct community-based, participatory research in the field to examine and better understand the structural and social determinants (e.g., access to resources, education, livable wages, quality housing, etc.) of health behavior and health among marginalized communities. Students will learn about and adopt social science theoretical frameworks and gain an in-depth training in all phases of community-based participatory research (e.g., data collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of findings). In addition, students will learn a number of theoretical and practical issues in the design and implementation of community-based participatory research. We will focus on how to frame a relevant research question, design an appropriate research design, and implement a research project that generates new knowledge and expands our horizons to better understand the complex world we live in. Students will conduct original research and will produce a complete research paper by the end of the course. Background in a health field is not required for this class.