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AU Scholars | The Business and Economics of Peace

Spring 2015

Goal of the Research Project

The goal of the research project is to work alone or in collaboration with other students to prepare one of the following: 1) an original research paper, or 2) a case study that covers one or more of the following broad research themes:

  • Economics, Business, and Peace
  • Measuring Peace
  • Analysis and Management of Risk
  • Resilient Businesses, Resilient Societies: Promoting Positive Peace

Specific research skills

All students will have the opportunity to engage in original research in a relatively new interdisciplinary research domain; the intersection between economics, business and peace. In addition, the students will have the opportunity to attend and possibly present their work at a conference on "The Business and Economics of Peace" in the Kogod School of Business April 10-11, 2015 ( Submissions to the conference will be reviewed through a peer review process. Students attending the conference will see presentations from graduate students, other advanced undergraduates, established academics, and practitioners. There will also be networking opportunities with practitioners. For information on the last conference in 2013, please see the following links: and

Depending upon the skills the student brings to the project, either qualitative or quantitative research approaches are welcome. For those with advanced analytical skills, there is an opportunity to use statistical analyses or Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software. This is not required however.

Why take the course?

  1. You want to change the world!
  2. You are interested in business and want to learn more about the importance of business to society and society to business.
  3. You want the opportunity to conduct original research and interact in a conference in April 10-11, 2015 with other advanced undergraduate and graduate students doing the same.
  4. You are concerned about instability in the world and want to learn how business and society can become more resilient to risk and conflict.
  5. You want to do all of the above and have some fun doing it.