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AU Scholars | TCK’s and the Multicultural Student and American University

Spring 2015

We will divide into teams to answer the following applied research questions to produce a paper on the topic of TCK’s and the Multicultural Student and American University:

  1. What is a Third Culture Kid (TCK) or a Multicultural Person and how do they differ with other people? Should the definition be expanded to include immigrant children, people who move from rural to urban areas, children of military personnel who lived overseas, etc.? Are there domestic TCKs?
  2. Is this simply an American phenomenon? How are TCKs treated in Korea, Japan, or other countries?
  3. What percentages of American University students are TCKs or Multicultural persons? How does this percentage compare with other similar universities?
  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a TCK or multicultural person?
  5. Should American University actively recruit TCKs? Do they require any special services? What is the advantage or disadvantage of having large numbers of TCKs at a university?

Research and methodology

We will begin by gathering together current research on this topic. The literature search will involve published sources, interviews with experts on and off our campus and in the field of intercultural relations, and a review of recent conference presentations on the topic.

At the same time, we will survey students at AU to determine what percentage are TCKs or multicultural persons. The surveys will be supplemented with some in-depth interviews with students and professionals.

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