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AU Scholars | Spring 2016 Research Courses

Cuba: Water From Ridge to Reef

Course Time: TH 11:45am -- 2:25pm

Join Professors Larry Engel and Kiho Kim as they head to Cuba to explore water issues facing the country: from urban centers like Havana to rural communities and natural habitats. As relations with the United States relax, and more tourists travel to Cuba, what will be the consequences for the Cubans, their water resources, and the island's habitats, including their nearly pristine reefs? From ridge to reef, we'll follow the trail of water in Cuba.

Students will begin their research on campus in spring 2016 with weekly sessions that will cover topics ranging from Cuban history, its relationship with the United States both before and after the revolution, as well an overview of Cuba's natural resources and current environmental concerns. Students will utilize the library to learn research skills relevant to the project and hear from guest speakers prior to traveling to Cuba during spring break. Upon return, the students will complete their projects for presentation at the AU Scholars symposium.

Through participation in this project students will gain an understanding of how to develop and execute field research projects in an unfamiliar environment, work collaboratively in an interdisciplinary team, and learn how to document their work, both on land and underwater, using a variety of communication tools and approaches. 

*Students will need a valid passport at least six weeks prior to departure. The travel dates are Saturday, March 5th to Sunday March 13th, 2016. The cost for the trip will be: $3,200