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AU Scholars | Spring 2016 Research Courses

Success and Failure in Globalized Markets

Course Time: T 11:45am -- 2:25pm

Research Question

What are the important factors that organizations need to consider in order to successfully expand their operations globally?

Research Goal

The objective of this research project is for students to investigate the complexities of organizations trying to expand into new global markets by looking at successful and unsuccessful cases. Students will examine and research different companies that have succeeded or failed in their global expansion attempts. At the end of this course the students will present the critical factors that companies should consider before expanding their operations globally into a new market. 

Skills Developed

Students taking this course will develop a multitude of skills that can be utilized in future courses as well as their professional careers. Such skills include quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, designing and conducting surveys, designing interview protocols, and conducting personal interviews. Students will critically think through complex global issues that organizations face in dealing with a multitude of stakeholders. (e.g. customers, employees, investors, community, government, environment, etc.)

Why should you take this course

  • Regardless of what career path you take (government, NGO, private sector, etc.), your job responsibilities will require you to interact and work closely with multinationals and/or global corporations. Understanding the decision making process within such organizations is imperative in order to have a successful career.
  • The research skills acquired in this course are transferable to future courses as well as internships and future jobs.
  • Understanding the critical factors that affect success and failure in the globalized marketplace will enable the creation of successful global business strategy. 
  • We’re going to have a great time while learning about successes and failures in the global marketplace. This is going to be a fun and useful experience!