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AU Scholars | Spring 2017 Research Courses

Cross Cultural Cuba

Course Time: W 8:10 AM to 11:00 AM 

Description: Twelve AU Scholars students will be selected to observe, shoot and produce behind the scenes mini-docs of the cross cultural filmmaking productions produced by Junior, Senior and graduate students from Tec De Monterrey University, Monterrey, Mexico, EICTV, Cuba and American University. These mini docs will be screened at the AU Scholars Research Symposium.  A diverse group of students are needed for this research experience, ideally some students who speak Spanish and can translate Spanish, some students with video experience, videography, audio, editing and production. In addition, students who have a passion for international relations.   

Students will:

  • research the topics, location, history and other relevant information on Cuba and Mexico
  • provide research support to the Cross Cultural Film and Video Production Class
  • learn how to use video equipment in the field and basic videography techniques
  • learn documentary skills 
  • attend and participate in international films being screened at AU or other locations in D.C.
  • research films already produced on the topics that we will be exploring this semester
  • build on their communication and public speaking communication skills
  • travel to a place few from the US have experienced and be an ambassador of the US to Cuba and a representative of our culture to students from Cuba and Mexico

Course fee: $3,300