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AU Scholars | Spring 2017 Research Courses

Sustainable Farming in Cuba

Course Time: TH 11:20 AM to 2:10 PM  

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Description: Agriculture is a vital part of the Cuban economy. A recent statistic stated that 20% of the “economically active” population of Cuba is involved in agriculture (and this didn’t include shipping or processing in the figure). 

Our course will explore agriculture and food issues facing Cuba. As relations with the United States change, how will food production change? We will investigate where and how food is produced in Cuba, compare agroecological to conventional production practices, and the effects of food production on the health of the natural environment including coastal (i.e., reef) and forest (i.e. canopy) ecosystems. Students will work in small research teams to develop and carry out projects that will lead to web-based outcomes (i.e., some combination of videos, photographs, text, reports, or infographics) that explore food production in Cuba. 

A key feature of this course will be field research in Cuba during AU’s spring break (March 11-18, 2017) . Leading up to the trip, we will meet weekly to examine the recent history of Cuba, including its relationship with the United States both before and after the revolution, and develop an overview of Cuba’s natural resources and current environmental concerns. Students will also acquire relevant research tools and hear from experts to aid in project development. 

Course fee: $3,300