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AU Scholars | Meet the Professors

  1. Lynne Arneson

    Lynne Arneson, Premed Advisor

    CAS - Biology

    Following an education in the Midwest culminating in a PhD in Cell Biology at the University of Chicago, Professor Arneson began teaching students in the Department of Biology at American University in 2001.  She became the Premedical Programs Coordi… More

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    (202) 885-2186

  2. Shawn Bates

    Shawn Bates, Assistant Professor

    SIS-School of Intl Service

    Mr. Bates is an international lawyer, mediator, educator and trainer with over 15 years of experience in the international arena. He is currently Assistant Professor in the School of International Service, and the Director of the Chile/Argentina Summ… More

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    (202) 885-6169

  3. Kimberly Cowell-Meyers

    Kimberly Cowell-Meyers, Assistant Professor

    SPA - Government

    Kimberly Cowell-Meyers is Assistant Professor of Government. An AU alumna, she has taught at AU, St. Mary's College of Maryland and Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA. She is the author of Religion and Politics in the Nineteenth Centu… More

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    (202) 885-6223

  4. Ali Erol

    Ali Erol, Professorial Lecturer

    SIS-School of Intl Service

    Ali Ersen Erol is currently a Professorial Lecturer in the School of International Service. Previously they taught at Howard University, where they received their Ph.D. in Culture & Communication in 2013. Erol's research focuses on queer theory, po… More

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  5. Daniel Esser

    Daniel Esser, Associate Professor

    SIS-School of Intl Service

    Professor Esser investigates development effectiveness in the context of local, national and global policies and programs. His work focuses on (1) sub-national governance amid armed conflict, in particular in urban areas; (2) global health governance… More

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    (202) 885-1892

  6. Caleen Jennings

    Caleen Jennings, Professor

    CAS - Performing Arts

    Caleen Sinnette Jennings is Professor of Theatre; since joining the faculty in 1989, she has directed for the main stage season and taught thirteen different courses in the theatre and general education programs. In 2003 she received American Univers… More

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    (202) 885-3430

  7. Daniel Kerr

    Daniel Kerr, Associate Professor

    CAS - History

    Dan Kerr, the director of American University's public history program, specializes in the fields of community history, oral history, and public history. The projects he has initiated, including the Cleveland Homeless Oral History Project, the Shena… More

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    (202) 885-2161

  8. Jessica Meiller

    Jessica Meiller, Professorial Lecturer

    CAS - Environmental Science

    Jesse Meiller is an marine ecologist and environmental toxicologist. Jesse received her PhD from the University of Maryland in the Marine, Estuarine, Environmental Sciences (MEES) program after doing her undergraduate work at Johns Hopkins University… More

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    (202) 885-1780

  9. Sarah Menke-Fish

    Sarah Menke-Fish, Assistant Professor

    SOC - School of Communication

    Sarah Menke-Fish is a full-time professor of Film and Media Arts. She is a master teacher in the School of Communication. She serves as associate director for the Center for Environmental Filmmaking, launched and directs Discover the World of Communi… More

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    (202) 885-2098

  10. Jane Palmer

    Jane Palmer, Professorial Lecturer

    SPA - Justice, Law and Criminology

    Jane Palmer has a Ph.D. in Justice, Law & Society from American University, an M.S.W. from the Jane Addams College of Social Work at the University of Illinois-Chicago and a B.A. in Sociology from Smith College. Before coming to AU for her Ph.D., she… More

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    (202) 885-3118

  11. Renee Souris

    Renee Souris, Professorial Lecturer

    SPA - Government

    Renee Nicole Souris, Ph.D. received her doctorate in Justice, Law and Society with a second field in Political Theory from AU's School of Public Affairs in May 2014. Broadly speaking, her research examines the relation between moral development and m… More

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    (202) 885-6551

  12. Rodger Streitmatter

    Rodger Streitmatter, Professor

    SOC - School of Communication

    Rodger Streitmatter is a full-time professor of Journalism. A cultural historian, he is a leader in exploring how the media have helped to shape the way Americans think and act. The most recent of his nine books is A Force for Good ~ How the American… More

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    (202) 885-2057