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AU Scholars | Meet the Staff


  1. Olivia Ivey, Assistant Librarian

    University Library

    As the public affairs librarian, Olivia supports the research needs of SPA students and faculty through research assistance and collection development in the fields of law, criminal justice, public affairs, political science, and government. Her curr… More

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    (202) 885-3236

  2. Emily White, Manager, Undergraduate Scholars Program

    Provost, Office of the

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    (202) 885-3879


photo of Anna Kaplan

Name: Anna Kaplan
AU Scholars Course: Social Forces that Shaped America
Professor: Dan Kerr
Ph.D. Program: History

photo of John Doherty

Name: John Doherty 
AU Scholars Course: Living in the Environment 
Professor: Jesse Meiller 
Master’s Program: Environmental Science

photo of Constance Critchlow

Name: Constance Critchlow 
AU Scholars Course: Visual Literacy 
Professor: Sarah Menke-Fish 
Master’s Program: Film and Electronic Media

photo of Denay Adams

Name: Denay Adams
AU Scholars Course: Why Aren’t We Dead Yet?
Professor: Lynne Arneson
Master’s Program: International Development

photo of Scott Patrick

Name: Scott Patrick 
AU Scholars Course: Comparative Politics 
Professor: Kimberly Cowell-Meyers 
Ph.D. Program: Government


photo of Mona Ahmed

Name: Mona Ahmed 
AU Scholars Course: Cross Cultural Communication 
Professor: Shawn Bates 
Master’s Program: International Peace and Conflict Resolution

photo of Emily Kitchens

Name: Emily Kitchens  
AU Scholars Course: Theatre: Principles, Plays and Performance Professor: Caleen Jennings 
Master’s Program: US Foreign Policy and National Security

photo of Avi-Yona Israel

Name: Avi-Yona Israel
AU Scholars Course: Criminal Law and Theory
Professor: Nikki Souris
Ph.D Program: Justice, Law and Criminology