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Community-Based Research Scholars | Living Learning Communities

CBL student discussing research project


When you join the CBRS program, you'll live in Hughes Hall with other CBRS scholars. You will live on the same floor as other CBR Scholars. This creates an environment in which you can more easily build relationships with other talented students, share academic interests and experiences, and adjust to college life in D.C. together. Your Resident Advisor (RA) has been specially selected with experience and interest in community service will be available as a mentor and resource.


The CBRS courses create a small-group learning experience, which promotes more discussion and interaction than is possible in large lecture classes. Each course fulfills a general education requirement, with the exception of the 1 credit lab course taken during your first semester. All courses are taught by outstanding members of the AU faculty who are respected scholars in their fields. CBR Scholars take 4 credits in the Fall and 3 credits in the Spring. All students will be able to pursue their other academic activities and take courses with students outside of the CBRS scholars community. Students of all majors are welcome in this program. This program also meets at least 6 of the credits required to obtain a Community-Based Research Certificate.