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Looking for AU Honors?

If you were accepted as a first-year student beginning in fall 2015, you are a member of AU Honors, the university's bold reimagining of liberal arts education. Browse our website for information regarding Click here for all the information you need concerning core courses, merit scholarships, and more.

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.

Faculty can find more information on teaching Honors core courses as well as information about reimbursements.

Looking for University Honors?

If you matriculated as a first-year student in fall 2013 or before, you are a member of the University Honors Program, which has been fostering academic excellence, community, and life-long learning since 1989. Click here for all the information you need concerning capstones, supplements, courses, graduation requirements, merit scholarships, and much, much more.

Faculty can find information on teaching Honors courses and colloquia as well as information about reimbursements and Department Honors Coordinators.

Success Story

Hassina Sherjan

Hassina Sherjan Returns to AU for Tea Talk about Educating Afghanistan’s Girls

Sherjan founded Aid Afghanistan for Education, which provides educational opportunities for young Afghans.

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