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Meet Emily Murtaugh

Emily Murtaugh

Class of 2019
Major: Anthropology with a minor in Statistics and International Relations
Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Extracurricular Activities:

Fossil Free AU
Ballroom Dancing Club
Community Service Leadership Program
DC Reads
Parking and Traffic

Why did you choose AU?

I chose AU because of the programs and the location. Being about the same price as the other schools I applied to, AU was a strong college on my list. Getting in to the Honors program was a plus because I would have a living learning community that I could participate in and take interdisciplinary classes. I especially enjoyed the interdisciplinary aspect of the program. Being able to take one course that brings in different subjects helps me get a broader view of the topic in the world. For example, this semester I am taking a class where I learn the Chemistry, Law, a statistics of Forensic Studies. I also chose AU because I have an affinity for DC. AU is the perfect choice because it is not to far from the city while having its own campus vibe.

Favorite AU Honors Experience:

I enjoy having classes that incorporate lots of professors. To see the dynamic of teamwork in the classroom among the teachers and among my classmates reminds me of how important hearing everyone's ideas are. Also, I enjoy that the program is longer than one semester or one year. It is something that will continue with me through my college experience despite the fact that things change constantly in the college environment.