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Meet Jordan Peebles

Jordan Peebles

Jordan Peebles

Class of 2017
Major: International Relations, Minor in Spanish
Hometown: Voorhees, NJ

Extracurricular Activities:

SPA Leadership Program
Phi Sigma Sigma
Office Manager at AU Club Council

Why did you choose AU?

I chose AU for a number of reasons but mostly because I felt at home when I visited (about 5 times). I love how everyone here is involved in multiple things they are passionate about. I also think we get the best of both worlds being able to go to school in the city, but being able to live somewhat removed from the city.

Favorite AU Honors Experience:

I mad some of my best friends living on an all-honors floor in Hughes Hall my first year at AU! Also, I think I have learned a lot and really benefited from all of the Honors classes I have taken here!