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AU and University Honors | Study/Travel | Kenya 2014

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  • A city skyline in Kenya
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During the spring of 2014, students traveled to Kenya with anthropology professor Rachel Watkins. They met Kenyan citizens, engaged with Kenyan art, literature, and culture, and deepened their understanding of environmental issues. Participants also examined our origins and the very idea of human nature.

The trip was based at AU Abroad's center in Nairobi, where 40-50 AU students study every year. It was offered in conjunction with Professor Watkins' Honors colloquium, "Kenya: Race, Sex, Violence, and other Myths about Human Nature."


Rachel Watkins is an associate professor in AU's department of anthropology. Professor Watkins' interests lie in humans' evolutionary history, which she has studied through skeletal and documentary data analysis. Her recent work has been in the biological and social history of African Americans in the urban U.S. For more information on Professor Watkins, click here.


The trip included...

  • Site visits that explore the evolutionary, social, and cultural history of human beings--and their relationship with the environment. These will include trips to Lake Nakuru, well-known for its rhino and flamingo populations, and to the vast skeletal collection in the National Museum of Kenya.
  • Opportunities to engage with the art, literature, and culture of Kenya, including a trip to the Godown Arts Centre and the Kwani Trust, a literary center housed in the AU Abroad complex.
  • Trips within and beyond Nairobi. You'll explore rural and urban areas and spend time with Kenyans living in both settings.
  • A visit to the headquarters of the Green Belt Movement, an environmental organization founded by Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai.
  • A tour of the Nairobi National Museum to explore our human origins and primate ancestors.

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