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Meet Olivia Morris


Olivia Morris

Class of 2020
Major: Undeclared
Hometown: East Granby, CT

Extracurricular Activities:

Public Health Association
She's the First

Why did you choose AU?

I choose AU for two reasons. First, I liked how AU has a campus with a quad while still being so close to the city and all the opportunities DC offers. There is always something fun to do, both on the quad and in the city. Also, I liked how AU has a wide variety of majors for students to choose from. In the same sense, I found it appealing that you could double major or major/minor across different school, something that couldn't be down at many of the other schools I toured. This allows me to explore many different interest areas without being confined to one school.

Favorite AU Honors Experience:

The thing that I have most enjoyed about Honors is living on the same floor as the other Honors students. Because we see each other both in class and out of class, we have all grown very friendly with each other. For me, I don't feel like any one is competitive with each other; instead, we are all willing to help each other out when needed. I also enjoy Honors because, not only do we study together, we also have fun together. We have movie nights, debate watch parties, nights when someone cooks or bakes for the floor. All around, I enjoy Honors both in and outside of the classroom.