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Application Process

To apply for the AU Honors Program, interested first-year students complete the Honors program application. The priority deadline for a special academic program is December 15. Applications will be accepted until January 15.

Review Process

The program seeks students from every major to create a small, fully interdisciplinary team. Grades and standardized scores are important, but most important is demonstrated interest in interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving. Ultimately, we are looking to build a strong team who can work well together on the projects they will pursue through this one-of-a-kind program. Notification of acceptance to the program will be April 1.

Note: All Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholars also participate in the AU Honors Program.


If you have questions about your Honors application, please contact Admissions directly at 202-885-6000.

What Advice Would You Give a Prospective Honors Student?


AU Honors students discuss what advice they would offer to a prospective student.