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AU Honors | Advisory Committee

The Honors Advisory Committee is charged with developing guidelines and procedures; making recommendations to the Provost; and overseeing and monitoring all honors programs at AU. The committee also conducts annual assessment and provides advice as needed.  

In a curricular review, the committee reviews and approves all temporary honors courses, including courses offered on a three-year basis in the AU Honors Program. 

All faculty members of the Honors Advisory Committee are a part of the Faculty Senate and serve a three-year term. The student representative, who serves a one-year term, will be designated by the Honors Student Advisory Committee, an elected body that represents students in the AU Honors Program. 

For additional details about the Honors Advisory Committee, please refer to the Faculty Senate's bylaws here

The student representative for the 2015-2016 academic year is Molly Gormley SIS '18.