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University Honors Program | Capstone Information Day

Each semester, the Honors Program hosts a Capstone Information Day that brings together faculty and other representatives from all of schools to discuss the capstone process. Students from all departments have the opportunity to hear receive more specific guidance on capstone projects in their fields. Below you'll find videos of the sessions from our most recent information day.

College of Arts and Sciences:

School Representatives:
Karl Kippola - Assistant Professor, Department of Performing Arts
Meike Meurs - Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Economics 

Kogod School of Business:

School Representatives:
Sally Fowler - Executive-in-Residence, Department of Management
Richard Linowes - Assistant Professor, Department of Management

School of Communication:

School Representatives:
Lauren Feldman - Assistant Professor, School of Communication
Rodger Streitmatter - Professor, School of Communication

School of International Service:

School Representatives:
Patrick Jackson - Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, School of International Service

School of Public Affairs:

School Representatives:
Douglas Klusmeyer - Associate Professor, Department of Justice, Law, and Society
Margaret Weekes - Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, Department of Justice, Law, and Society