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Honors Capstone Research Conference

2014 Honors Capstone Research Conference

The 2014 Honors Capstone Research Conference was on Wednesday, April 9. For a full schedule of last year's events, click here.

The University Honors Program holds its Capstone Research Conference each spring to celebrate the outstanding research, creative work, and other work of its graduating seniors--and its most recent August and December graduates--by showcasing the capstone projects of a select group of these students.

Interested Honors students may apply every March to present their capstone research at the annual conference, which represents work from those across AU schools and colleges.

A group of students is selected from the various schools and departments to give a 10-minute oral presentation of the essence of their capstone work. Another group of students is selected to present capstone work during the poster presentation period.

Everyone presenting at the Honors Capstone Research Conference–- whether in the oral presentation or poster session–-is eligible for the Capstone Research Conference awards. A panel of judges at the conference selects the students who will receive an Honors Capstone Research Conference Award, given at the annual Honors Convocation during Commencement weekend.

2013 Honors Capstone Research Conference

Nearly 70 students applied to participate in the 2013 Honors Capstone Research Conference. A faculty committee selected 45 students to participate in the event. Another group of faculty across disciplines judged the conference presentations. The judges’ selections are listed below. For a full list of the day's presentations, click here.

Outstanding Presentations in the Natural Sciences

Andrew Paul Merluzzi (CAS: Psychology)
“Age-Dependent MDPV-Induced Conditioned Taste Aversions, Thermoregulation and Brain Amine Levels: A Behavioral and Neurochemical Assessment of ‘Bath Salts’”
Advisor: Anthony Riley, CAS: Psychology

Terri Elizabeth Poxon-Pearson (CAS: Physics)
“Determining the Significance of Cobalt-60 in EXO-200”
: Ulysses Sofia, CAS: Physics

Tracy Tabib (CAS: Biology)
“Adipocytes and Microenvironment–Effects on Multiple Myeloma Progression and Proliferation”
: Kathleen De Cicco-Skinner, CAS: Biology

Brian M. Weinstein (CAS: Physics)
“Symmetries of Four Harmonically-Trapped Particles in One Dimension”
: Nathan Harshman, CAS: Physics

Outstanding Presentation in the Humanities

Avram A. Billig (CAS: History; SPA: Political Science)
“From Tammany Hall to the Tuileries: Political Considerations behind the New York Press Coverage of the Paris Commune”
: Kimberly Sims, CAS: History

Outstanding Presentation in the Arts

Claire Y. Rychlewski (SOC: Journalism)
Advisor: Caleen Jennings, CAS: Performing Arts

Outstanding Presentations in the Social Sciences

Erin E. Crandell (SIS: International Studies; SOC: Communication Studies)
“Framing a Rising China: How the Chinese Government Reported the Bo Xilai Scandal”
Advisor: Elizabeth Cohn, SIS: International Studies

Emily K. Fleitz (SIS: International Studies; CAS: Religious Studies)
"Plateau Pads"
Advisor: Colman McCarthy, SIS: International Studies

Alexander M. Severin (SPA: Political Science)
"The Super PAC Era: Presidential Elections and Advertising Strategy in a New Age"
Advisors: Antoine Yoshinaka and Kimberly Cowell-Meyers, SPA: Government

Honorable Mentions

Jennifer L. Beard (SIS: International Studies)
"Green Rentier State: A Case Study of the Renewable Energy Sector in Morocco"
Advisor: Anders Härdig, SIS: International Studies

Carly Lynn Kinney (SPA: Political Science; CAS: Statistics)
"The Tea Party's Effect on Republican Campaign Rhetoric"
Advisors: Candice Nelson and Kimberly Cowell-Meyers, SPA: Government

Andrew Dill Menefee (SIS: International Studies)
"Political Economy of Race"
Advisor: Clarence Lusane, SIS: International Studies

Marie Catherine Scholz (SIS: International Studies)
"The Fourth Amendment and Technology"
Advisor: Jennifer Gumbrewicz, SPA: Justice, Law and Society

Helen Tuilene West (CAS: Music; CAS: Economics)
"'Kushnakoo': Excerpt from 'Senior Recital: an Expression of Life'"
Advisor: Noah Getz, CAS: Performing Arts