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University Honors Program | Colloquia Preview

Each semester, the Honors Program and the Student Honors Board hosts a colloquia preview. Professors teaching Honors colloquia the next semester are invited to provide a brief introduction to their class and take questions from students. Below, you'll find the preview for Spring 2014 courses. For professors who could not attend the preview Honors Director Michael Manson has said a few words about their courses. To view the course descriptions and major credit offerings for each course click here.

0:00- 8:17- Gregory Harry- Physics of Public Policy

9:04- 11:13-  Michael Manson, for Rom Harre- Ludwig Wittgenstein's Philosophy: Early, Middle, and Late

11:26- 18:49- Joseph Campbell- The American 1990s: Scandal, Conflict, and the Internet

19:05- 20:36- Michael Manson, for Fernando Benadon- Music and the Mind

20:36- 29:15- Alison Thomas- Advanced Writing: Creative Non-Fiction

29:56- 33:49- Michael Manson, for Robin Lumsdaine- Notes from the Front: Understanding the International Financial Crisis

33:50- 41:57- Michael Mass- Contract Law: The Law of the Deal

42:00- 42:50- Michael Manson- About Major Credit

42:52- 44:27- Michael Manson, for Roger Streitmatter- Media and the Modern Mind

44:57- 57:08- Robert Johnson- Extreme Punishment: Life, Death, and Solitary Confinement

57:08- 1:04:57- Brenda Werth- Latin American Documentaries

1:04:57- 1:07:16- Michael Manson, for Rachel Watkins- Race, Sex, Violence and Other Lies about Human Nature: Evidence from Kenya

1:07:16- 1:14:58- Donald Fulsom- Who Killed JFK?

1:14:59- 1:16:00- Michael Manson, for Diane Singerman- Revolution, Counter-Revolution, and Reform in Egypt

1:16:00- 1:23:02- Daniel Freeman- Bioethical/Legal Dilemmas in Healthcare

1:23:03- 1:24:40- Michael Manson, for Ellen Meade- Future of the World's Currencies: Will There Be One Money or Many?

1:24:40- 1:40:50- Peter Kuznick- Untold History of the United States: Oliver Stone's Films