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The Honors curriculum rotates every three years to bring fresh courses and faculty to the program. Check out the PDFs of the current and previous curriculum to learn more about our courses.

Cohorts 2017-2019 Curriculum - students who enter Honors in 2017-2019 will take these courses.

Cohorts 2014-2016 Curriculum - students who enter Honors in 2014-2016 will take these courses.

Honors Inquiry I:

The Urban Experience 

Focusing on the urban cultures, local cuisines and national politics of Afghanistan, Honduras and Vietnam, the course explores connections as well as tensions between migrant populations residing in the capital of the U.S. and their homelands.

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Honors Inquiry III:

Thinking Emotion: From Physiology to Ethics

Drawing on work from philosophy and literature to history and neuroscience, this course investigates not just what people in the western tradition have thought about emotion but how they have thought about it and why.

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Honors Inquiry II:

Food For Thought

“Food for Thought” explores how food sits at the intersection of science, politics, and culture, asking students to explore current diet-related challenges and provide potential solutions to them.

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Honors Inquiry IV:

Creativity and Innovation

This course explores what stimulates creativity and innovation in each of us through team collaborations. It provides an overview of different theories and research, as well as case studies.

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