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University Honors Program | Honors 101

As a first-year Honors student, you and nine of your classmates will be paired with an upper-class student mentor and a mentor from AU’s faculty—mentors who will be there to help accelerate your immersion into American University and Washington, D.C.

Honors 101 isn’t your typical course. There are no required readings or assignments and it isn’t held in a classroom.

You’ll certainly meet people through Honors 101, but the program's goal is not to connect you with your peers. And while Honors 101 will help you get acquainted with AU and Honors, the program’s goal is not to orient you to AU.

Honors 101 is about accelerating your experience. Guided by your student mentors and faculty mentors, you’ll gain the tools you need to meet faculty and get to know corners of D.C. that some students don’t know about until their junior year. You’ll be on the fast track to becoming a citizen of this city and a knowledgeable student of this school.

You’ll have opportunities to visit hole-in-the wall restaurants that a tourist would never visit. You’ll have chances to explore all parts of the District, serve neighbors in need, and get to know a neighborhood. You’ll also get to know upper-class students and faculty beyond the classroom, which will help you succeed in the classroom. On top of all that, you’ll gain knowledge of the community and support offered by AU and the Honors Program, something that will serve you throughout your time at AU.

If you’re a first-year Honors student, be sure to register for Honors 101 (HNRS-001). Honors 101 is a required, non-credit course, and so you can take it on top of all the other credits you will pursue this fall. Mentor groups will meet between 3 and 6 p.m. on Wednesdays through early November.

For more about Honors 101, visit the Honors 101 Facebook page.

Co-Chairs and Mentors

Being an Honors 101 mentor is a rewarding experience. Working with the Honors 101 co-chairs and Honors staff, Honors 101 mentors are critical to the program's success. These upper-class Honors students help to create--and run--this important student enrichment program.

The University Honors Program is excited to have Lulu Chaker and Valerie Snaman as this year's Honors 101 co-chairs and the following students serve with them as Honors 101 mentors:

Allison Blauvelt, Billie Case, Joel Iscaro, Cayla Jakubowski, Kevin Levy, Mark Lieberman, Sean Meehan, Amrita Moitra, Steph Pettit, Megan Piccirillo, Cameron Schuette, Rosy Tamam, Matthew Waskiewicz, Erin Wuebbens, and Emma Zaballos.