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University Honors Program | Honors 101 Mentors

Honors 101 is a peer-mentor enrichment program for Honors freshmen. First-year students split into groups of ten and are partnered with mentors, who are current upper-class Honors students. These mentor groups meet throughout the fall.

Being an Honors 101 mentor is a rewarding experience. Working with the Honors 101 co-chairs and Honors staff, Honors 101 mentors are critical to the program's success. These upper-class Honors students help to create--and run--this important student enrichment program.

The University Honors Program is excited to have Lulu Chaker and Valerie Snaman as this year's Honors 101 co-chairs and the following students serve with them as Honors 101 mentors:

Allison Blauvelt, Billie Case, Joel Iscaro, Cayla Jakubowski, Kevin Levy, Mark Lieberman, Sean Meehan, Amrita Moitra, Steph Pettit, Megan Piccirillo, Cameron Schuette, Rosy Tamam, Matthew Waskiewicz, Erin Wuebbens, and Emma Zaballos.