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AU Honors | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there an advantage to applying as Early Decision for AU Honors?

At this time, there is no advantage to applying Early Decision. We will determine and announce in April who is in the AU Honors Program, so all applicants are evaluated equally.

2. Where can I find the AU Honors Application? 

To apply to the American University Honors Program, you must complete the program application, which will be available in August. 

Students can apply for and learn more about other special academic programs here

3. When will I receive notice of my acceptance into the program?

Admitted applicants will be notified by Admissions in April. Students can contact Admissions at or 202-885-6000 with questions or concerns. 

4. Can transfer students apply? 

Transfer students are not eligible to apply to the program. Those eligible to apply are of senior standing in high school. 

5. When is the application deadline? 

The application deadline for the program is December 15.

6. If I am accepted into the program, am I allowed to defer and take a gap year? 

If you are selected for AU Honors, you cannot defer your acceptance into AU Honors. If you wish to be considered for AU Honors in the year you enroll, you must submit a new application and will be considered alongside applicants for the year. There are no guarantees that because you were accepted in one cohort, that you will be accepted in the next. Due to the highly selective nature of the program and the limited number of spots available, we do not hold seats. 

7. How many students are accepted into the program each year? 

The AU Honors Program admits 25 freshmen per year. 

8. How important are grades and standardized scores when applying to AU Honors? 

Grades and standardized scores are important, but most important is demonstrated interest in interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving. Ultimately, we are looking to build a strong team who can work well together on the projects they will pursue through this program. 

9. Can I apply to more than one living- learning community? 

Students can apply to the AU Honors Program, and the other living-learning programs at AU. This includes University College, CBR Scholars, AU Scholars, or a three-year program such as Global Scholars, Public Health, or Politics, Policy and Law. Students can only enroll in one of them, however, because each has its own living-learning community and a different curriculum. It is important to note that all Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholars also participate in the AU Honors Program.   

10. Do I live in Hughes Hall during all four years of my time at AU?

AU Honors students only live together during their first year. After their first year, they can still stay in Hughes or decide to live in another area on or near campus. 

11. Can I double major while taking the Honors curriculum? 

Students can double major while taking the Honors curriculum. It may be challenging to fit requirements from both majors in addition to your Honors courses.