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2009 SIS Awards Conferred

Deans Cowles and Goodman pose with some of the Sigma Iota Rho inductees

On Wednesday, April 15, 2009, SIS dean Louis W. Goodman hosted – in full black tie – what he calls the “SIS Oscars”: The School of International Service Awards Ceremony for students, faculty, and staff.

The recipients were commended for scholarship, citizenship, quality of teaching, and contributions to both the School of International Service and American University communities.

"We are very proud of the accomplishments of those we recognize and of the many others who have contributed so magnificently to the life of the School during the past 51 years," said Dean Goodman. 

Faculty Awards:

  • Scholar/Teacher: Robin Broad
  • Outstanding Scholarship, Research, and Professional Contributions: Abdul Aziz Said
  • William Cromwell Award for Outstanding Teaching: Anthony Quainton
  • Outstanding Teaching, Adjunct Faculty: Michael Warner
  • Darrell Randall Award for Outstanding Service to the University Community: Stephen Silvia

Staff Awards:

Special Award
: Tara Lemerise

Diplomacy Award: Rafa Cerame-Guillen

Student Awards:

  • Outstanding Service to the SIS Community: Megan McCune
  • Outstanding Service to the University Community: David Teslicko
  • Outstanding Scholarship, Undergraduate: Katie Suplick
  • Outstanding Scholarship, Graduate: John Margeson
  • Outstanding Teaching – PhD: Simon Nicholson
  • Annette Langdon Award for Outstanding Community Activism in Support of Social Justice: Marco Puccia
  • Global Environmental Politics Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Global Environmental Politics: Tianjie Ma and Julie Munro
  • SIS Resonator Award for Outstanding SIS Spirit and Service to the SIS Community: Danielle Sleeper
  • Kimberly Miller Award for Outstanding Commitment to European Studies and Community Spirit: Susan Schneider
  • Brady Tyson Award for Excellence in Work Related to Human Rights: Heidi West
  • The Serif Mardin Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Islamic Studies: Mohammed Loutfy
  • Petra Kelly Memorial Award for the Graduating SIS Senior Most Active in Support of Nuclear Nonproliferation, Environmental Issues, and Political Activism: Ross Natoli
  • Samuel L. Sharp Award for Creative Work in International Relations at the Graduate Level: Meara Dietrick
  • Alan Taylor Award for Excellence in Middle East Studies and University Service: Sarah Beller
  • Harold Davis Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Latin American Studies: Paul Ruffner
  • Charles H. Heimsath Award for Excellence in Style and Substance of Written Work in International Relations at the Undergraduate Level: Miriam Callahan
  • Pittman B. Potter Award for Outstanding Scholarship in International Law and Organization: Jennifer Christian
  • Frank Willis Scotton Award for the Undergraduate Student Who Best Exemplifies the Ideals of Service Embodied in the Mission of the School: Leah Gates

Critical Language Scholarships
Lauren Barr
Ethan Meick
Amanda Plunkett
Talla Saghafi
Katie Suplick
Ryan Taugher
Karun Tilak
William Zeman

Freeman – APSIA
Peggy Wu

Fulbright Grant
Keely Foutch

Gilman International Scholarships
Ji (Eric) Sohn
Peggy Wu
Miguel Columna

Sigma Iota Rho Honorees

Caitlin Ashby
Arsalan Barman
Andrew Barron
Alicen Bartle
Chiara Becker
Karinna Berrospi
Sasha Bloch
Lauren Bobay
Anastassia Bogosian-Scissor
Douglas Bojack
Sarah Brown
Olivia Buck
Patrick Burnett
Julie Byrnes
Kathryn Carroll
Robert Cavooris
Christopher Chang
Han Chen
Lindsay Clarke
Erwann Couesbot
Caitlin Crotty
Kelly Doffing
Laura Fenwick
Jennifer Gallagher
Fabian Garcia
Vanessa Gatskie
Michael Graziani
Katie Gresham
Tanya Grinblat
Martha Hanna
Melanie Hendrick
Krista Jorstad
Kirsten Kaufman
Narise Kchao
Evan King
Laura Krachman
Erin Lockwood
Mark Lyubovitsky
Laura Martich
Kathryn Mayer
Liza Rose Meckler
Elizabeth Mokaba
Austin Morton
Carlos Munoz Burgos
Julie Oswald
Emily Oxenford
Leia Pankovich
Marco Puccia
Cameron Rathbun
Saverio Romeo
Claire Sadegzadeh
Susan Schneider
Mallory Scott
Sasha Scott
Kimberly Seigfreid
Alison Souders
Ayse Sengueler
Laura Stern
Jonathan Terrell
Luah Tomas
Carla Trippe
Elizabeth Tseng
Peter Wahlberg
Kristen Walling
Olivia Zetter

Presidential Management Fellows
Renee Berry
Emilia Borgatta
Heather Brady
Kathleen Callaghan
Paul Colombini
Mary Diebold
David Glaudemans
James Kuykendall
Kathleen McGuire
Bree McLean
Christopher Quinn
Lacey Stewart
Natalia Tailikh
Christopher Tatum
A.J. Thomas
Justis Tuia
Caitlin Wall
Michelle Warren

Stipendium der Abgeordnetenhauses
Samantha Parsons

Truman Scholarship

University Nominee: Annie Adam