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AU Honors | Prospective Students

As American University has grown and changed so has the University Honors Program. More than fifty years old, the Honors Program was created in 1959, expanded in 1977, deepened in 1989, and acquired a new mission in 2014 to educate interdisciplinary problem-solvers. Employing team-taught courses, creating living-learning communities that work hands-on with DC institutions, and matching each student with a faculty mentor, this innovative program seeks students from all majors to learn 21st-century skills and approaches.

Enrollment is limited to 45 students, who receive a guaranteed $20,000 scholarship and may be eligible for financial aid. To apply for the AU Honors Program, fill out the Honors supplement to the Common Application. We are looking for students from all majors across campus.

You may apply to any and all of AU's special programs, but you should consider which program matches your deepest academic interests.

Because each class takes their four core courses together, students can only enter the AU Honors Program as first-year students and cannot later transfer into the program.

Because the AU Honors Program is a living-learning community, students cannot belong to any other living-learning community during their first year—neither the University College, the University College Collaborative, AU Scholars, Community-Based Research Scholars, nor any of the three-year programs, Global Scholars; Public Health; Politics, Policy, and Law. The one exception is the Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholars Program—all FDDS students are members of the AU Honors Program. Honors students may belong to other living-learning communities after their first year.

For more information about this distinctive program, download our brochure.