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General Contact Information

The Honors Program staff are ready to answer your questions, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

American University
Office for Honors and Scholars Programs
Hughes Hall, First Floor
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20016-8119
Customized Directions

Phone: (202) 885-6194
Fax: (202) 885-7013
E-mail: honors@american.edu
Website: http://www.american.edu/honors

AU Honors Staff

Dr. David Pike
Faculty Director, AU Honors

Professor Pike is Faculty Director of AU Honors. His most recent book is "Canadian Cinema since the 1980s: At the Heart of the World" (U of Toronto P, 2012). He is the author of "Metropolis on the Styx: The Underworlds of Modern Urban Culture, 1800–2001" (Cornell UP, 2007); "Subterranean Cities: The World beneath Paris and London 1800–1945" (Cornell UP), shortlisted for the 2006 Modernist Studies Association book prize; "Passage through Hell: Modernist Descents, Medieval Underworlds" (Cornell UP), recipient of the 1997 Gustave O. Arlt Award in the Humanities from the Council of Graduate Schools and a Choice Outstanding Academic Book for 1997; and articles on medieval literature, modernism, film, and Paris and London. He is co-author of "Literature: A World of Writing" and co-general editor of the "Longman Anthology of World Literature". In addition to urban culture and the underground, he teaches courses on European and Canadian cinema, film noir, the western, modernism, Dante, Roman literature, and the novel. From 1993 to 1995, Professor Pike was Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Society of Fellows in the Humanities at Columbia University. Current projects include cold-war culture after the cold war, the 19th century city after the 19th century, and a cultural history of the slum.

Stephanie Ricardo
Program Coordinator

Stephanie graduated with a B.A. in International Studies and a minor in Biology from the University of Miami. While her studies ranged from US Foreign Policy and Global Health to the European Union, her B.A. thesis analyzed China's soft power role in Latin America. Before her role as Program Coordinator in the AU Honors Program, Stephanie also assisted the University College, AU Scholars, Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholars, and Community-Based Research Scholars programs at AU.

Her previous experience includes interning with InterBolsa Securities' Miami-based office as finance support, aiding a non-profit organization with events and outreach, researching prospects for various internal business functions at the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), and assisting Quadel Consulting Corporation in the affordable housing industry.

During her spare time, Stephanie enjoys savoring the diverse ethnic cuisine throughout the DMV area.

University Honors Staff

Dr. Michael Manson
Staff Director, University Honors Program
Director, Undergraduate Research and Integrity

Appointed in June 2011 as director of the University Honors Program, Dr. Michael Manson has been teaching in American University's Department of Literature and American Studies Program since 2001 and working for the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and for the Provost of the university for the past five years. His scholarly specialization is in American modernist poetry, but he also teaches classes in film. Born and raised in Dallas, he holds a B.A. in English from Rice University and an M.A. and Ph.D. in English from the University of Virginia. He has previously taught at higher educational institutions in Wisconsin and New England. Dr. Manson is the author of several articles concerning modernist poetry and poetic form, discussing Robert Frost, Sterling A. Brown, Jay Wright, Lorine Niedecker, Gary Soto, Robert Hass, and Emily Dickinson. He is co-editor of "The Calvinist Roots of the Modern Era" (UP New England, 1997). His book project is entitled "Body Language: Modern American Poetry and the Politics of Poetic Form," and he is contributing to the forthcoming edition of the "Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics." He has served as the president of the Robert Frost Society (2006-2007) and as the executive director of the Northeast Modern Language Association (1997-2000). In 2005, he organized a Symposium on Poetic Form for the American Literature Association. Dr. Manson and his wife Marianne Noble, who is an Associate Professor in the Department of Literature, have two young children, Geoffrey YongSoo Manson and Arden YeRin Manson.

Marlee Clayton

Honors Counselor

Marlee received her BA in political science and history from Loyola University New Orleans where she was a member of the Honors program. She is pursuing her MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution at American's School of International Service. Marlee is particularly interested in transnational discourses of women's rights and how these are affected by conflict. Originally from Louisiana, she loves good food, festivals, and public transportation.

Michael Youngborg
Honors Counselor

Mike graduated from St. Mary’s College of Maryland with a BA in history. He was a member of the Nitze Scholars Program and graduated magna cum laude. Mike is currently pursuing his PhD at American University with a focus on peace movements in the United States during the early Cold War era and issues of gender and sexuality within those movements.  He is interested in teaching at the university level after completing his degree. Mike enjoys live music and movies.

Department Honors Coordinators

Each department has at least one faculty member who is designated as the Department Honors Coordinator and may be of help in answering questions about Honors requirements in a given major. The Department Honors Coordinator is also an important part of the Honors Capstone approval process.

College of Arts and Sciences

  • American Studies: Prof. Tristan Cabello, Sports Center Annex 172, x1837, cabello@american.edu
  • Anthropology: Prof. Brett Williams, Hamilton 212, x 1836, bwillia@american.edu
  • Art- Studio Arts/ Fine Arts: Prof. Andrew Holtin, Katzen Arts Center 218, x 3928, holtin@american.edu
  • Art - Art History: Prof. Joanne Allen, Katzen Arts Center 225, x 6822, jmallen@american.edu
  • Art - Graphic Design: Prof. Chemi Montes, Katzen Arts Center 101B, x 1697, cmontes@american.edu
  • Audio Technology/Audio Production: Prof. William Brent, Kreeger T08, x 1488, brent@american.edu
  • Biology: Prof. Kathryn Walters-Conte, Hurst 10a, x3978, kwalt@american.edu
  • Chemistry/Biochemistry: Prof. James Girard, Beeghly 104, x 1791, jgirard@american.edu
  • Computer Science: Prof. Michael Black, McKinley 103, x 2011, mblack@american.edu
  • Economics: Prof. Mary Hansen, Kreeger 127, x 3793, mhansen@american.edu
  • Education: Prof. Stephen Vassallo, Gray 220, x 3048, vassallo@american.edu
  • Environmental Science/Studies: Prof. Kiho Kim, Beeghly 104, x 2181, kiho@american.edu
  • Health Promotion: Prof. Elizabeth Cotter, MGC 330J, x 3703, cotter@american.edu
  • History: Prof. April Shelford, Batelle-Tompkins 125, x 2613, shelfor@american.edu
  • Jewish Studies: Prof. Pamela Nadell, Batelle-Tompkins 139, x 2425, pnadell@american.edu
  • Literature: Prof. Jeffrey Middents, Battelle-Tompkins 221, x 2979, middents@american.edu
  • Mathematics/Applied Mathematics: Prof. Joshua Lansky, Gray 207, x 3687, lansky@american.edu
  • Mathematics and Economics: Prof. Mary Hansen, Kreeger 127, x 3793, mhansen@american.edu
  • Performing Arts: Prof. Karl Kippola, Katzen Arts Center 227, x 3464, kippola@american.edu
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies: Prof. Amy Oliver, Battelle-Tompkins 118, x 2140, aoliver@american.edu
  • Physics: Prof. Gregory Harry, Sports Center Annex 104, x3566, harry@american.edu
  • Psychology: Prof. James Gray, Asbury 317, x 1716, jgray @american.edu
  • Sociology: Prof. Andrea Brenner, Anderson 1013, x 2478, brenner@american.edu
  • Public Health: Prof. Jolynn Gardner, Mary Graydon 328, x 3943, jgardner@american.edu
  • Statistics: Prof. Joshua Lansky, Gray 207, x 3687, lansky@american.edu
  • Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Prof. Lauren Weis, Battelle-Tompkins T-33, x 2926, weis@american.edu
  • World Languages and Cultures: Prof. Brenda Werth, McCabe 202, x 1449, werth@american.edu

Kogod School of Business

  • Prof. Sally Fowler, Kogod 208, x 6676, sfowler@american.edu

School of Communication

  • Prof. Joe Graf, McKinley 247, x 2147, graf@american.edu

School of International Service

  • Last names A-F: Prof. Derrick Cogburn, SIS 245, x 2400, dcogburn@american.edu
  • Last names G-N: Prof. Christopher Rudolph, SIS 326, x 1686, crudolph@american.edu
  • Last names O-Z: Prof. Mirjana Morosini, EQB 204A, x 6827, morosini@american.edu

School of Public Affairs

  • Political Science/CLEG: Prof. Kimberly Cowell-Meyers, Ward 221, x 6223, kcowell@american.edu
  • Justice, Law, and Criminology: Prof. Bill Davies, Ward 252, x 2319, davies@american.edu