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AU and University Honors | Study/Travel

For Spring 2015, Honors is currently finalizing the details for a trip to Nicaragua!

The University Honors Program offers a Study/Travel Program to provide AU Honors students a special opportunity to explore onsite the historical, political, cultural and social aspects of a certain country, region, or city during a week-long trip that coincides with spring break. Each of the study trips is linked to an Honors colloquium, although it is possible for Honors students not enrolled in it to participate in the course-related trip. The professor teaching the colloquium leads the trip along with Honors Program Director Dr. Michael Manson.

Study/Travel History

Last year, the Study/Travel Program took students to Peru during the fall, and to Kenya in Spring 2014.

Earlier trips include:

  • Cairo, Egypt

  • Bejing, China

  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Vietnam

  • La Paz, Bolivia

  • Berlin, Germany

  • Prague, Czech Republic

Questions about the Study/Travel Program? Email Honors or call 202-885-6194.