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University Honors Program | Honors Supplement Videos

By pursuing an Honors supplement, you can earn Honors credit for an advanced non-Honors course. In doing so, you might also deepen an interest or specialization in your field. That added depth can serve you as you look ahead to your senior capstone.

In many ways, a supplement is a miniature independent study. It can provide the structure you need to look daringly and unconventionally into a topic. It can exercise your creativity. It can help you shed light on a path toward a capstone, a career, or a scholarship or fellowship. As with independent studies, it’s up to you and your professors to give these projects meaning and weight.

Supplements can be fulfilling, but in some cases, they can be tough to navigate. We asked students who supplemented courses for Honors credit to discuss their experience. Connor Trafton (SPA ’14) and Jaclyn Yeary (CAS/SOC ’13) shared their insight into the process.

Why a Supplement?

Connor discusses how a supplement can go beyond what you might normally expect from a course.

Jackie talks about how supplements provide deeper engagement with professors.

Supplements can make you think beyond the course material, and in new ways.

Supplements give you the flexibility to explore any topic that you and your professor choose.

Planning your Project and Working with a Professor

Jackie discusses how to approach planning a supplement for both students and professors.

Connor discusses one of his experiences completing a supplement.

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