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AU and University Honors | Take Your Professor to Lunch

Photo of Honors Faculty and Student

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“Take Your Professor to Lunch” is a program that is designed to help Honors students become better acquainted with their professors over lunch in the University Club in the Mary Graydon Center. The University Club is generally open 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m., Monday - Friday.

Honors students can invite any professor to lunch. The professor does not need to be teaching an Honors course at the time. Students working on Capstone projects, for example, might want to invite their Capstone advisors to lunch. This is an excellent opportunity not only to get to know your professor, but to thank her/him as well.

To participate, all students need to do is invite their professor, agree on a date for lunch, stop by the Honors Center in Hughes Hall, First Floor to receive the necessary lunch voucher, and then call the telephone number on the voucher to make a reservation with the University Club. Lunch for Honors students will be deducted from their university meal plan if they have one. If students do not have a meal plan, the University Honors Program will pick up the tab for the student in addition to the professor. While one-to-one luncheons are encouraged, groups of two or three Honors students may also invite a professor to lunch.