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University College Collaborative

University College Collaborative (UCC)

In this community, students enjoy participating in Washington, DC, field experiences but without a required Wednesday lab. You benefit from living in the residence hall with students who share your academic interests, attend seminars together, and engage in structured experiences outside of the classroom, but you also have the freedom to pursue work-study jobs, participate in athletics or ROTC, or register for a language lab—all options that often require Wednesday commitments.


When you join the University College Collaborative (UCC), you live with other UCC students on a designated floor in Anderson Hall. Your roommate is a UCC student, though not necessarily in the same seminar. Your resident assistant (RA) is an upper-level student specially trained to facilitate community involvement as well as to provide social and academic guidance and mentorship. This living environment creates a tight-knit academic community and encourages cocurricular experiences outside the classroom through off-campus, course-related trips on weekends and evenings.


Each student takes one seminar in the University College Collaborative and four or five additional classes outside the UCC. Every UCC seminar fulfills a university requirement and counts toward graduation. Over the course of the semester, you may participate in joint activities with other UCL and UCC classes. UCC professors are hand selected and dedicated to providing a positive experience for first-year students. You will also have an undergraduate teaching assistant (TA), an upper-level student who has excelled in the course previously and has a firm understanding of the course content and materials. While these TAs do not teach the course or do any grading, they assist the professor by holding office hours in the residence hall, facilitating study groups, and leading off-campus trips.


The University College Collaborative offers a vibrant and supportive community of students, staff, and faculty who work together to ease your transition into college life. The program’s interdisciplinary approach to learning enhances your ability to think critically, communicate clearly, and work collaboratively. While you are not required to take the Wednesday lab, you can participate in all University College common events and activities that use the AU campus and the city as an extension of the classroom.