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Make DC Your Classroom

Many AU students choose to come here because of our location in Washington, DC - and we want to help you take advantage of the city right from the start. Not only is DC the capital of the United States and home to hundreds of international organizations and NGOs, it also boasts of a vibrant visual and performing arts scene and is a real city where people live, work and raise families. Through the UC Washington Lab, you will discover both "official Washington" and "the real DC." Your Program Associate and even your professor will serve as your insider tour guides, filling you in on where to go - and not go - and what to do, as well as the behind-the-scenes story of what really goes on in Washington.

The University College's out-of-class activities seamlessly link your specific course to the unrivaled resources of Washington, D.C. such as the Smithsonian Institution, government agencies, think tanks and nonprofits working on every issue under the sun.

Kate Greubel

Kate Greubel, UC U.S. Society

"My favorite UC lab involved looking at gender bias in retail. The UC looked at stores throughout Friendship Heights, analyzing the ways in which the store supports gender biases. The stereotypes and biases supported by Gap Kids were unbelievable; all of the girls clothing was pink with flowers and butterflies, while all of the boys clothing featured active sports and dark colors. Now, I will never be able to shop in a children's department without noticing gender stereotypes!"