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polyface farm

UC students attended a common event at Polyface Farm last fall to learn about sustainable agriculture.

The University College offers several opportunities in addition to the Living, Learning, and Laboratory components. Each of these programs is designed to give students access to socially and academically fulfilling experiences!

Common Events 

Common events are special extracurricular events ranging from theatre and musical performances to special exhibits and tours that provide you with opportunities to engage with other University College students and professors outside of the classroom. Some events are strictly for fun, such as University College–wide outings to Washington Nationals baseball games, D.C. United soccer games, and advance movie screenings. The common events are open to all University College students, and most are free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis. For this fall, we anticipate our annual trip to New York City, an event with guest speaker, author Marjane Satrapi, the annual UC Halloween and holiday parties. 


The Makengue Project is an interdisciplinary learning experience that combines University College course work with an opportunity to travel to Makengue, Nicaragua, during spring break. This natural preserve of nearly 200 acres is located in the rain forest along the San Juan River near the Costa Rican border. Through a partnership with the landowners of Makengue, students research preservation, sustainability, and social justice and then present their findings through writing, film, and photography at the University College Spring Research Symposium. The Makengue Project is open to all University College students. More information and applications will be available in October. The Makengue Project takes place in the spring semester. 

UCOL-200 Backpack Journalism Project:  Turkey 

For millennia, Turkey has served as the nexus of ideas and innovations, cultures and societies, and science and technology. Its long history speaks to great resilience of the people and their ability to adapt to a changing world. Thus, Turkey is an ideal place for exploring questions of sustainability, including those related to water. Although surrounded by water, Turkey, like many other nations in the region, faces declining supplies and increasing demands for freshwater. Over the course of the spring semester, including a 10 day trip to Turkey during spring break, students will document and examine a range of sustainability issues in that region and consider how conflicts and solutions may apply to other parts of the world. Students will create a short film documentary about the experience to be presented at the University College Spring Research Symposium.  The Backpack Journalism Project is open to all University College students. More information and applications will be available in October. The Backpack Journalism Project takes place in the spring semester.