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  • Living

    In the UC, each seminar's students live together on the same floor in the residence halls.

  • Learning

    See how the UC gives students
    unique opportunities to learn
    about a wide variety of subjects

  • Laboratory

    See how the University College takes full advantage
    of the sights, institutions, and history the
    nation's capital offers!

  • Beyond

    Click to learn about the additional
    opportunities provided by UC

Fall 2015 course offerings are coming soon

American University’s University College is a premier living, learning and laboratory experience that builds collaborative communities for first-year students. Explore the site to find out more about University College!

Check out what UC students are up to!

Senator Ted Cruz

Recently, UC students have had the opportunity to observe Senators debating from the Senate gallery, visit the Supreme Court, and much more!

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Learn more about the roles Program Assistants fill and how to become one!

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