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Why They Love Us and Hate Us

Full Name

Sally Shelton-Colby

Course Name

Why They Love and Hate Us (UCC)

Course Number

SIS 106

Describe your course. What will the students be studying and learning?

This course will explore how important parts of the world view the U.S., U.S. policy and the U.S. approach to global issues. The course will study the world of Islam and how that world and the U.S. understand -- and do not understand -- each other. It will study China, India, Iran, and Russia and how and why they react to the U.S. as they do. Students will learn how key historical events and current U.S. foreign policy shape other nations' views and policies towards us.

Why would a first-year student want to take this course? Discuss its uniqueness as part of the University College, your teaching style, and any special opportunities the students may have.

With globalization we need to understand the world. The U.S. is facing huge problems -- terrorism, climate change, pandemics, failing states -- and cannot solve them alone. Therefore, we need support from other countries and how other countries view the U.S. will determine whether they help us or harm us. As a former U.S. ambassador, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, and Deputy Secretary-General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (based in Paris, France), I have had decades of experience (and a lot of fun!) working on global issues. I have lived and worked in Europe, Asia and Latin America and have spent a lot of time in the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. I love to share my experiences with my students and urge them constantly to disagree with me! I want them to express their own opinion and to learn how to back it up.

What do you like best about teaching first-year students?

They are hungry for knowledge about the world! And I always learn from my first-year students as well since they bring fresh ideas to our class discussions!