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The Sustainable Earth

Full Name

Jesse Meiller

Course Name

Sustainable Earth

Course Number

ENVS 150

Describe your course. What will the students be studying and learning?

In Sustainable Earth students will examine the concept of sustainability and what it means to society as well as to them as individuals. We will investigate techniques to measure it and how sustainability applies to the challenges we face in today’s world. We will survey current scientific understanding of natural systems and how this knowledge can be used to tackle these challenges.

Why would a first-year student want to take this course? Discuss its uniqueness as part of the University College, your teaching style, and any special opportunities the students may have.

This course is designed to expose first-year students to a range of sustainability issues. Students will gain knowledge and experience of these topics through hands-on applications and real-world cases to truly see how these issues are relevant to their lives. The teaching style employed includes discussion, working through case studies, and group activities.

What do you like best about teaching first-year students?

First year students bring such diversity to the class. They are just starting out as college students and bring their perspectives and experiences from their families and homes. These varying views create a rich environment that becomes the perfect forum for discussions and applied science.