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Theatre as Protest


Fall Semester Seminar, GenEd area 1

Artists frequently use their art to express ideas that are revolutionary, provocative, catalysts for change and even dangerous - often as swords and sometimes as balm.  This course will explore various manifestations of that perspective through reading and analyzing modern/contemporary plays and interaction with professionals in the field. Students will also view excerpts of productions that have been recorded and  attend selected relevant professional productions in Washington, DC that wrestle with difficult and significant issues in various cultures.  They will interview playwrights, authors and individuals connected with theatre as protest. Assigned readings will include book excerpts and articles that provide a context for the course, as well as those that correlate to the given play text and the life and times of a given playwright.  The course will be divided into units focusing on oppression that stems from race, class, gender and political/social issues. Fulfills 3 credit hours of the General Education requirement for Foundational Area 1.

From the Professor- Gail Humphries Mardirosian

How does your University College section of this course differ from a non-University College section?

At this time, there are no courses currently offered with this title outside the University College, making this a unique opportunity for University College students.

How do your Wednesday labs tie into the academic content of your course?

Laboratory sessions for each unit will complement and supplement the course content to include the utilization of resources in Washington, DC for field trips to local museums and theatres. Guest presenters with specialized expertise will be invited to facilitate further discussion and provide insight. Experiential activities during the lab sessions will provide practical application of the theoretical content of the course presented during the regular class sessions.

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