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Understanding Music

PERF 110

An introduction to musical language through listening and comprehension. The fundamentals of acoustics, melody, harmony, form, texture, and color in a wide range of music from ancient and global music to European concert music, jazz, blues, and popular music. Includes listening and concert attendance requirements. 

This course will be an instructor-guided discussion among all participants who must be open to experiencing all types of music as well as prepared to share the music they enjoy most with the class.

The Washington Lab field experience will provide an essential backdrop for this course. We will use the lab experience to attend a wide and diverse array of performances from the concert hall to the coffee house.

From the Professor- Nancy Jo Snider

Why would a first-year student want to take this course? Discuss its uniqueness as part of the University College, your teaching style, and any special opportunities the students may have.

Having a smaller class size enables us to have more individual student presentations, more seminar style classes, and the ability to experience the music live. The University College section is able to attend performances and bring guest presenters into the classroom.

Meet the Professor!

Professor Nancy Snider

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