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Visual Literacy


Fall Semester Seminar, GenEd area 1

 Visual Literacy introduces you to ways of understanding visual images in art, photography, film, and digital media. You will learn about the aesthetics and production of visual images, immerse yourself in dimensions of seeing, and come to appreciate the influences on visual symbols and communication. The concepts you learn in this course you will put into action by creating public service announcement, short informational films, photo essays and other visual media that will make a positive difference for the non-profit that extends far beyond the American University Campus.

From the Professor

How does your University College section of this course differ from a non-University College section?

"This section differs from non-UC sections in several ways. First, the class size is limited, which allows for far more integrative and problem-solving learning. Further the small class size helps foster both better individual projects and those done in small groups. Second, the course will concentrate on a single theme/topic so that all students will have a more cohesive learning and experiential environment. Third, The living/learning environment outside the course will foster better interaction among the students outside the classroom and with the professor. These factors will allow the professor to engage with students more fully both inside and outside the classroom."

How do your Wednesday labs tie into the academic content of your course?

"The Wednesday labs will increase hands-on exposure to media production tools and production workflows, will improve experiential and production experiences in Washington, D.C. region, and allow for fuller interaction with your professor and program associates. The Washington lab is also an opportunity to engage in off-campus activities that are designed to complement your coursework. You will spend at least 4 lab periods off campus. Additional labs will include on-campus activities that provide exposure to other faculty and students both in the UC program and outside it."

Meet the Professor!

SOC Larry Engel with camera

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