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Current Library Initiatives

Diversity Initiative

The ACRL Diversity Alliance program - of which American University is a founding member - unites academic libraries who share a commitment to increase the hiring pipeline of qualified, talented individuals from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups. By thinking bigger and broader, across all academic libraries, the Alliance will introduce and welcome to the job market underrepresented racial and ethnic groups with work experiences that advance academic/research libraries.

As a member of this Alliance, American University has:

  • Established a residency program for at least one individual that lasts a minimum of two years (three years preferred).
  • Committed to designing experiences at the local level to expand the residents' interests and skills, e.g., mentorships, rotation through other library units, etc.
  • Agreed to serve as a resource, i.e., advisors and guides, to those institutions participating in the ACRL Diversity Alliance.
  • Provided at a minimum the same level of professional development support provided other library faculty/staff/employees.
  • Provided a salary for the resident commensurate with the salaries of equivalent entry-level library professionals.

Green Team Initiative

The AU Library is committed to the University's vision for an eco-conscious campus. Here are some ways we are working to further this goal and how you can help:

  • Go Green & Recycle E-Waste: Moving old computers and cell phones out of your life, and out of the waste stream. Learn More
  • Increasing the Green Behind the Scenes at the AU Library. Learn More
  • Eco-Smart Library Tote Bags for Sale!: Help keep the waste-stream free of non-biodegradable plastic. Visit the Information Desk to purchase today!
  • Help the Library compost: More than half of the trash produced in the library can be composted and reused. Learn More
  • 100% recycled paper: All printing in the Library is on 100% post-consumer paper. Learn More
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