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Library Overnight Hours Information

Access: No ID, No Entry

After 11:00 pm, all library patrons must be a currently enrolled AU student with a valid AU ID to enter the building, and present it to the desk attendant. ("Swipe, Smile, and Show")

Anyone in the building may be asked to present an AU ID at any time.

With the exception of the Information Desk, all service desks close by 11:00 pm Sunday through Thursday. 


During overnight hours the Information Desk will be open to assist patrons in most of their library needs. We offer basic technological troubleshooting support, including software and wireless support for library desktops and personal laptops.

Need help with that last minute paper? The overnight staff is prepared to offer guidance on utilizing library resources and researching databases.
Laptops, headphones, and mac-adapters are available for use during overnight. Please see the Technology Services Desk before 10:30 pm for details.

Digital Media Studios are also available for restricted access. Please see Media Services for reserving a room.

Adaptive Technology rooms are available for overnight use, however, we do not make overnight reservations.

Materials from the collection can still be checked out using the Self-Check machine.

Grad students will want to visit the Graduate Research Center (open 24/7) for any overnight study needs.


All library policies remain in effect during overnight hours.

Library users may have drinks throughout the library so long as they have lids (cans are considered to have a built-in lid). Food eaten in the library is limited to "snacks." Meals, sandwiches, etc. must be consumed in the Mud Box. You may not have food delivered to the library.

Cell phone use is only permitted in the main and lower level lobby, the Mud Box, and the rear stairwell. All phones must have ringers turned off while in the library.

Sleeping at desks and chairs is allowed, but "camping out" is strongly discouraged (i.e. leave your sleeping bag and pillow at home).

Study rooms are not private use. Groups maintain priority over individuals in collaborative workrooms and in group study rooms.

No playing movies or music without headphones (headphone volume should not disturb other patrons).

No moving furniture.

The 2nd floor is a silent floor, please be courteous to other library patrons.


For other inquires about overnight services or policies call x3232 or contact Overnight Building Supervisor Matt Barry at matt.barry@american.edu.