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E. F. Colladay Papers

VOLUME: 22 linear feet

Forms Part of Record Group No. 4, Records of the Office of the General Counsel.

ACCESS: This collection is open to the public upon request.

COPYRIGHT: Please consult the archivist for information about duplication or publishing of any materials from this collection.

Biographical Note

Edward Francis Colladay was an attorney active in Washington civic, political and educational activities for nearly sixty-five years. Colladay was born in Virginia, IL on February 15,1877. In 1886, his family moved to Hutchinson Kansas where he entered a law office as an apprentice, and after two years was admitted to the Kansas bar at the age of nineteen.

Colladay arrived in Washington, D.C. in September 1897 and enrolled in the old Columbian Law School, which is now George Washington University Law School. He received his LLB IN 1898 and his LLM the following year. On his twenty-first birthday, E.F. Colladay was admitted to the District Bar. He immediately joined law offices at 410 Fifth Street NW.

In 1904, Colladay was admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court. In the same year, he joined the Washington Board of Trade, which he became president of in 1923, 1924, and 1937 was elected `man of the year' in 1958. Colladay was chairman of the Federation of Citizens Association in 1915 and 1916. He also served as the vice-chairman of the Citizens Joint Committee on National Representation. Colladay served as a member of the board of trustees for the American University from 1921 until the time of his death. He was first vice president of the board of trustees from 1931 through 1941 and was vice chairman from 1941 to 1945.

In his political activities, E.F. Colladay served as the secretary of the committee to raise funds for the 1904 election of Theodore Roosevelt. Colladay was a member of the Republican National Committee. He was a delegate at the Republican National Convention in 1948 and an alternate delegate in 1952 and 1956. Also, Colladay was a member of the executive committee that arranged the inauguration of Warren G. Harding, and he was vice chairman of the inaugural committee for Calvin Coolidge. Colladay served as chairman of the committee of Reception of Governors and Special Guests at the Hoover inauguration in 1929 and again at the Eisenhower inaugurations of 1953 and 1957. Colladay was also active in selective service in both World Wars.

In Colladay’s activities as an attorney, he served as general counsel to the First National Bank of Washington, special counsel to the D.C. Transit System, and counsel emeritus to the Board of Trade.

E.F. Colladay was involved in various clubs in Washington, such as the University Club, the National Press Club, Capitol Hill Club, Jefferson Island Club, Izaak Walton League, and The National Lawyers Club. In New York City he was a member of the Union League Club, Lawyers Club, and The Association of the Bar.

Other organizations Colladay was involved with are the American Society of International Law, American Judicature Society, American Law Institute, National Tax Association, and Federal Bar Association. Colladay was also a Mason for fifty years.

E.F. Colladay's first wife Cora died in 1958. He married Matlyne Lavonia Eich Miller shortly before his death November 10, 1961 at the age of eighty-four. E.F. Colladay had three sons, one of whom he shared law offices with at the firm of Colladay and Colladay.

Scope and Content Note

E.F. Colladay's legal counsel papers consist of records of pledges given to the American University and legal actions taken by the University or against it. The records also contain the minutes of the board of trustees and other committees.


The E.F. Colladay Papers were given to the University Archives in March 1962 by David Colladay, the son of E.F. Colladay, of the law firm Colladay and Colladay.

Box & Folder Listing

Box 1

  • Acquisition of Colladay File
  • Abi Acheson Annuity Fund
  • Literature on Activities
  • Margie E Adkins Estate
  • Allen H. Ainscow Pledge
  • Airforce Training
  • Alcohol Control Board
  • Amelia C. Aldridge and Margaret Engle Pledge
  • Dr Hurst R Anderson
  • Leonard V Aspril
  • Authorities
  • Auto Accident-basketball team
  • Edward Ayer Claim
  • Emma S Baer Estate
  • Emma S Baer Pledge
  • Ballast vs. Judson
  • Battelle Request
  • Battelle Will
  • L.R. Benjamin
  • James Barry Pledge
  • Bank of New York and 5th Avenue
  • Asher R. Borden Pledge
  • Louise C and Lucy J Brown Pledge
  • Jennie Buhrman Pledge
  • Business School
  • Paul Buskin and Buell Clark
  • Campaign for Funds
  • Laurabelle Campbelle Pledge
  • Julian S Carr Estate
  • Carroll Trust
  • Thomas H Chamber
  • Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co.
  • Campaign for funds
  • Laurabelle Campbell Pledge
  • Julian S. Carr Estate
  • Carroll Estate
  • Carroll Trust
  • Thomas H. Chamber
  • Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone
  • AU vs. M.E. Church
  • Mary E. Clark Pledge
  • Lucius Clark Pension Papers
  • Clendenen Land Co.
  • D.C. Colladay Diary
  • E.F. Colladay
  • Colladay, Colladay, and Wallace (contracts)
  • Colladay, Clifford and Pettus
  • Colladay, McGarraghy, Colladay, & Wallace 1933-1934

Box 2

  • Colladay, McGarraghy, Colladay, & Wallace 1935-1939
  • Colladay, McGarraghy, Pettus, & Wallace
  • Concert Series, Patrick Hayes
  • Condemnation Proceedings
  • Contributions 1956-58
  • Anna R. Cover
  • Julia Currier
  • Annie L Curtis
  • Mary and Albert Daugherty Estate Pledge
  • George P. Davenport
  • Mary Ella Dayett Estate Pledge
  • AU vs. DC 1946
  • DC realty tax
  • DC sales tax
  • Iva N. Dean Pledge
  • Deed to 2000 G. Street
  • Documents file
  • Dormitory Bonds
  • Dormitory Bonds
  • Dormitory Bonds Issue 4
  • Dormitories-applications for loan
  • Dormitory loan
  • President Paul F. Douglass
  • Howard F. Downs Fund
  • Fred Drew Estate
  • E.L. Eaton
  • Endowment Fund Study
  • Evening Star Broadcasting Lease I

Box 3

  • Evening Star Broadcasting Lease II
  • Exhibits Data
  • 1925 F. Street
  • Roscoe D. Farlow
  • William J. Flather
  • R.V. Fletcher
  • Arthur J. Flye
  • AU vs. Sarah Siegel
  • AU vs. Richard Crider
  • AU vs. William Jennings
  • Freeman Brothers
  • I.T. Fulks Estate
  • Gaines vs. AU
  • Mattie and James Gam Estate
  • Gambrill Estate
  • Mary T. Gambrill Estate
  • Melville Gambrill
  • Garrett Biblical Institute
  • Garrett Biblical Institute
  • General File
  • General Counsel
  • General
  • Glen Rock House

Box 4

  • Susie M Glidden Estate Pledge
  • Ida Grant Estate
  • Chan. Joseph M. Gray
  • Mary Graydon
  • Mary Graydon Estate
  • Graydon Estate
  • Mary Graydon will
  • Graydon, Paine, McCabe Estates
  • Grazier Property
  • Ground Rents
  • John W. Hamilton
  • Samuel F. Harby
  • Elwell and Olive A. Haskell Estate Pledge
  • Hatton Estate
  • Hawkins Contract
  • Rose May Howard Estate
  • John LaMonte Hurst
  • Emma M. Hyam Estate
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Insurance Liability
  • International Bank
  • Investments, Stocks, & Bonds
  • Jacob vs. Fischer, et. al.
  • C.H. Jardine Pledge
  • Notes of Edward T. & Mary K. Jones

Box 5

  • Myron Kahn (violin case)
  • Mattie M. Karrer
  • Anna Keator Pledge
  • Hattie B. Keith Pledge
  • Addie & Fannie L. Kugler Pledge
  • Lane Stephens & Co. (auditors)
  • Language Center Lease
  • Lanham Act Housing Transfer
  • Hugh Legg Gift
  • Sarah A. Leighton Estate
  • Bishop Leonard
  • Evan B. Lewis Pledge
  • Bank Loans 1943-53
  • Loans, general
  • Dwight E. & S.C. Long Pledges
  • Loomis, Sayles, & Co.
  • Lot 16, Block 7—Tampa
  • John W. Lowe Pledge
  • AU vs. Lowe, Jr., et. al.
  • Sale of Macomb & 45th St. Lots
  • Mrs. S.W. Margerum
  • Mary C. Maris Estate

Box 6

  • Ida G. Marshall Estate
  • Massachusetts Ave. Property
  • Arthur L. Matthews
  • Dr. Dayton E. McClain
  • W.S. McCelland
  • Joseph A. McCullough
  • McDowell Estate
  • Paul C. McGee
  • AU vs. Leslie D. Measell
  • Memorial Athletic Center Fund
  • Methodist Church Sale
  • Metropolitan Church
  • J.D. Milans & Son
  • Horace Miller Estate Pledge
  • W.C. & A.N. Miller—Settlement of sale of lots
  • Miscellaneous
  • Miscellaneous correspondence 1947-1955
  • Miscellaneous documents
  • Miscellaneous estates
  • Miscellaneous, Lerch 1941-1948
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Moore Pledge
  • AU vs. Wilfred W. Morin, Jr.
  • Laura M. Morris Pledge
  • Ida T. Morrison Estate
  • F.P. Nash Estate
  • Navy Bomb School Contract
  • Navy Buildings Project
  • Navy Department—Bomb School Disposal
  • Occupancy Permits
  • Alice E. Owings Estate
  • Bishop Bromley Oxnam
  • Paine Estate—Nebraska Wesleyan University
  • B.L. Paine Trust
  • S.W. Paine Trust
  • Edwin B. Parker Estate
  • Parkhill Construction Co.
  • Patterson Pledge
  • Pending Cases
  • Contract with Pierce, Hendrick, & Sherwood
  • Pinellas Co. (Florida)—Real Estate

Box 7

  • Pledges & Annuity Papers
  • Pledges & Bonds 1926-1931
  • Pledge Citations
  • Pledges—Closed File
  • Estate Pledge Files A-Z
  • Pledges Requested Cancelled
  • Pledge Research
  • Pledges Secured by Dr. McClain
  • Proposed Taxation of Property
  • Clara A. Quimby & Atlee Radcliff Estates
  • Radio Station—Incorporation Papers
  • Ramsay Estate
  • Rasmussen vs. AU
  • Real Estate Exemption
  • Real Estate Notes
  • Sale of Real Estate

Box 8

  • Red Cross Lease
  • Rental of Buildings
  • J.J. Richardson
  • G. Murray Roat Pledge
  • Matthew Robson Estate
  • AU vs. Robert Rose
  • Robert Rose Co.
  • Eugene Rubinstein Car Accident Claim
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Charles D. Sager Loan
  • Charles D. Sager—McMahon note
  • Sager –Kingam Park Loans—AU Finance Committee
  • Sale of Lots—Frank S. Phillips, purchaser
  • Annie Schilling Estate Pledge
  • Settlements
  • Storm Sewer
  • Anna B. Shaw & John H. and Sarah S. McGee Pledge
  • Nettie V. Sherman Pledge
  • Albert Edwin Shoemaker Estate
  • Mrs. Laura L. Shreeve Estate
  • Sibley Hospital Nursing School
  • Sibley Hospital Site
  • Ida & Sarah Simpson Estate
  • Levi Smith Estate
  • Minnie D. Smith Will
  • AU vs. Alice P. Smyth
  • Arthur H. Soden Trust
  • John L. Spaulding, Jr. Estate
  • Lucy M. Stephenson Pledge
  • Suggestions for Presidency
  • Sweeny Homicide (Judith Hubbard Murder)
  • Proposed Contract for Swimming Pool
  • Salina & Lizzie Swyler Estate Pledge
  • Tax Appeal—Sibley Hospital Site
  • Tax Appeal 1959-1960
  • Mary Taylor Estate Pledge
  • Waverly Taylor Inc.—Loan Insurance

Box 9

  • Elizabeth Thompson Estate
  • Eva E. Thurrell Estate
  • William O. Titcomb Estate
  • Transportation
  • Turley Estate
  • Turner Oil Co. Stock
  • Miss Marie Van Cleeve (Food Director & Dormitory Manager)
  • Jay Vernon—employment compensation
  • Liddie M. Voshell Estate
  • S.H. Walker Estate
  • Annie L. Waller
  • Station WAMC—Capitol Records, Inc. Claim
  • John E. Walsh Pledge
  • Earl B. Walters, Jr.—Death, Swimming Pool—June 1952
  • Washington College of Law
  • Washington College of Law Merger
  • Waves Lease
  • Waves Lease 22/38
  • Wesley Theological Seminary
  • Mary Whitaker West Pledge
  • Wheeling Traction Bond
  • Donald White
  • Whittington & Brown vs. McDermott
  • Thomas & Alice Williams Pledge
  • Wilson-Greene Estate

Box 10

  • William H. Wingate Estate Pledge
  • Station WINX—Lawrence Heller, William Porter, atty.
  • Wilmer Worth Estate
  • William E. & Alice D. Wrather
  • Cora Wyman Estate
  • Yoder Estate
  • Lady Zimmern
  • Zoning 22/48-49-50
  • Administrative Committee 1931-1943
  • Board of Trustees minutes 1934-1949 (January to April)

Box 11

  • Board of Trustees minutes 1949 (April to May)-1961
  • Board of Trustees data 1924; 1932; 1935-1948; 1950-1952; 1954; 1957-1961
  • Budget Committee 1931; 1936-1937; 1940-1941; 1943; 1945-1948; 1949; 1950

Box 12

  • Development Committee
  • Executive Committee 1931-1939; 1940; 1943-1945; 1948; 1950-1951; 1957; 1959-1960
  • Financial Committee minutes 1937-1941
  • Financial Committee correspondence 1930; 1932-1944
  • Financial Committee—excerpts from minutes affecting committee
  • Financial Committee—1944 Real Estate
  • Financial Committee—Letts’ Notes
  • Financial Committee—Sale of lots to Fred Smith
  • Financial Committee—Bought and sold statistical data
  • Financial Committee—Financial campaigns
  • Financial Committee—Treasurer Walter notes
  • Financial Reports—Monthly income & expense reports
  • Financial Statements 1947-1951

Box 13

  • Sustaining Fund Committee
  • Committee on Investment minutes 1951-1954
  • Committee on Investment correspondence 1944-1954
  • Law School Building Committee
  • Real Estate—Special Committee
  • Miscellaneous Papers 1929-1940